More words from Lisa

I love to write. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always scribbled down my various musings, and this passion has only intensified with age. My professional life is all about words – I’ve worked in marketing and communications for the past four years, with a specific focus on copywriting, PR and social media. Outside of work, I fill my spare time with even more writing and I’ve contributed to various websites and blogs for nearly a decade. I’m also studying for a Masters in Creative Writing, so will be spreading my proverbial writing wings even further in the next couple of years. Want to read more? You’ll find my words on the following websites and blogs:

In 2014, I shared my food memories of Vietnam on Food&, a gorgeous online food journal.

Read my story here:  

In 2014, I wrote my first story for Maptia, a beautiful website that features storytelling about places. You can find my profile on Maptia here:

Where’s Lisa? on Tumblr
Where’s Lisa? was originally created when I quit my job in 2011 to pursue my life-long dream of travelling the world. Rather than satisfy my travelling urges, this trip inspired an insatiable lust for travel and new experiences, and I’m forever adding destinations to my never-ending bucket list!

Read the original blog at

The Culture Vulture
I’m a regular contributor to The Culture Vulture, and you’ll see a concurrent theme throughout my posts. Food! From Holmfirth Vineyard to Chino Latino, I’ve eaten my way around the region and reported my findings.

Read my posts for The Culture Vulture here:

Leeds Music Scene
Waaaay ‘back in the day’, I fancied myself as a music journalist and used to share my two pence on gigs, EPs, albums and singles over at Leeds Music Scene.

Here they are, immortalised forever more:


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